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Shape Chefs - Challenge Edition

The active members of the Sound Shapes community have continued to create a variety of levels, ranging anywhere from simple to serene, cute to creatively mesmerizing. If you’re looking for a challenge that tests your platforming skills, though, you might want to check these user-created levels out:

Retrofit 2015 (pikathon)
You’ll need to keep your senses sharp and alert here – pikathon offers a challenge that also requires a very steady thumb at various points.

red sea (fujugu)
User fujugu lists this as a long level, and he isn’t messing around with over 100 notes to collect along the way! Your platforming prowess will be tested, especially as you travel towards the end.

Lava Kids (s-u_g_n-a)
The main challenge in this level is to avoid the lava – and there’s plenty of it to avoid. Not only is there plenty of the red stuff to avoid, but it also comes in different varieties, so stay alert!

Find these levels and more under the Community section, which you can find in-game and here.


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