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Jon Mak Speaking at Gamercamp, Nov 3rd

Jon Mak Speaking at Gamercamp

Everyday Shooter was released in October 2007 to much high praise from the video game community. Its unique merging of music and movement – where the player affects both the soundtrack and visuals – put a new twist on the twin-stick shooter genre and made Jon an early posterboy for the growing indie games movement. Many hung their aspirations on the fact that his success came on a first try but Everyday Shooter (trailer) was just one in a line of successes and failed experiments.

This weekend at Gamercamp in Toronto, Jon will unlock his archive and retrace his steps from early game experiments at the age of 13 to this year's PS3 and PS Vita title Sound Shapes (trailer) – in the process discussing his unconventional entrance into game development, pros & cons of working with large publishers, his creative process, and more.

If you're in the Toronto area and working in or aspiring to work in the games industry, this talk (and the whole festival really!) is something to definitely check out.

Gamercamp takes place this Saturday and Sunday (November 3rd & 4th.) Tickets are available at


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