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Announcing Theme-A-Week!

Theme-A-Week Announcement

´╗┐Shortly after Sound Shapes launched, a community member named Daftbomb began organizing design challenges around certain themes. The first one called 1SL required levels to be one screen – 1-Screen-Level; the second called ESC required the "Escape" from the level to be a puzzle, hidden, or otherwise non-obvious. Most ingeniously he would embed the instructions for the challenge into the level itself – literally using shapes, terrain, characters, and other game entities to painstakingly "write" out the rules.

We thought this was absolutely brilliant and saw how the community rallied around these challenges so we approached Daftbomb to see if he wanted to help us continue this officially. He was down and Theme-A-Week was born.

Daftbomb 1SL Instructions
Here's how it works:
  1. Every Friday we post a theme along with Daftbomb's level+instructions to ourFacebookTwitter, and Tumblr.
  2. You create one, tag it, and upload it.
  3. We play them the following Friday on our weekly livestream.
The theme might be well-defined like 1SL or vague like a word. For example, the theme "Up" could be interpreted as a vertical level, in the clouds, airplanes, elevators, whatever – it's up to you.
The first Theme-A-Week theme will be announced today on our livestream @ 4:00PM Eastern time (although the sleuthers have probably already figured it out.) We can't wait to see where this goes, it's gonna be epic!
Btw... you can check out Daftbomb's "1SL" and "ESC" challenges by searching those tags from this page.


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