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Announcing Sound Shapes Dailies


The other day we traveled to the land where servers hum and lights blink. We stood among them and asked, "Dear dedicated servers, if you were to count the number of community-created levels in Sound Shapes, how high would you count?" They thought about our question for a picosecond and replied, "Dear providers of electricity, there are more than 13,500." We thanked them and returned to the land of office chairs, desks, and microwave ovens.

"That's a lot of levels, more than any human could play," we thought. "Where would someone start? How would they find the gems? What if a great level was lost in the shuffle? What to do?"

We pondered and pondered and then it came to us! We'd pluck three levels from the communal bounty and post them to the internet every day. Sometimes we'd post our favorites and sometimes yours. We'd call this idea Sound Shapes Dailies!

"When would we start this?" we thought.
"How about right away?" we answered and so it was done.
If there's a level that catches your eye or gets your groove, tag it with #SSDailies and send it our way.
You can reach us by way of... 


  1. Prox1mately commented:

    Sounds good to me! ^^

    Nov 3, 2012 8:29:24 AM reply report

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