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New Milkcrate and Car Pack DLC

Milkcrate and Car DLC Pricing

Hey everyone! We’ve been working hard on our next update (our biggest one yet!) and it's finally ready. With new levels, vehicles, creator content, offline play, and more musical/visual goodies than we can list, there's something for everyone here. Hope you like it!

Car Mini-Album & Creator Pack ($1.99)
Put on your driving gloves, there’s a new vehicle in Sound Shapes and it changes everything! Speed, flip, loop, and jump your way through the levels and experience Sound Shapes like never before. We set out to make a platformer and created a trials game by accident. Yeah! This pack includes new Campaign levels, a full Sound Pack, brand new editor entities (like loop-de-loops, speed boosts, and more), Beat School lessons, and trophies too.

The Community Milkcrate & Six New Albums (free update)
Perfectly sized to fit a record, the trusty milkcrate has been holding music collections for a long time and with the Community Milkcrate we’re continuing that tradition. We've hand-picked eclectic and creative levels from the Community and arranged them into themed albums. Each is presented in a brand new interface and comes complete with liner notes with insights and interesting things to check out while playing them, kinda like a director's commentary for levels. We're so blown away by what you guys are making that we wanted a way to properly showcase it. Oh… and the Milkcrate albums become part of the game so any levels selected are baked right into Sound Shapes forever. The Milkcrate launches with 6 albums and 35 total levels and is included free in today’s patch update. 

Offline Play (free update)
You’ve been asking for it and it’s finally here. Sounds Shapes now has Offline Play. While connected to the Sound Shapes servers, select any community level, tap a button, and sync it. Now you can play your favorite levels whenever you want! (Offline Play is included free in today’s patch update as well).


  1. harley2947 commented:

    Sweet! I haven't touched this game since October! I'm def buying all the new DLC and getting really creative!

    13-Mar-2013 20:35:58 reply report

  2. abdu__mexat commented:

    what about other DLC, we need release date please.

    19-Mar-2013 05:41:13 reply report

  3. Ludist210 commented:

    The update bricked the game on my system! Sound Shapes no longer plays any kind of sound! All other PS3 and PSN games work fine, but not this one. Help!

    19-Mar-2013 09:24:19 reply report

    1. wreckastowe replied:

      Try forcing output to 2CH Stereo.

      21-Mar-2013 21:16:50 report

  4. Skyshadow_Meadow commented:

    ***** this update, when i try connect to neetwork in game, game crash with critical error! Need fix, this mistake exists some days! Where you look?! And where other two DLC?!

    19-Mar-2013 14:18:34 reply report

  5. Erroneus commented:

    Sound Shapes servers are down, can't get my cloud save :|

    23-Mar-2013 08:53:47 reply report

    1. chrislanotte replied:

      Can't get a level I was on this morning, either.

      07-Apr-2013 18:48:26 report

  6. yarachin commented:

    How do I get in touch with someone for help? I downloaded and installed, but the game will no play. all I get is a black screen. I tried this with and without the update. and also deleted and reinstalled several times. Please I need help!

    21-Apr-2013 16:18:36 reply report

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